Eccentricity Extraordinaire

4 February
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I hate biographies. Especially auto-biographies... if someone else wants to write me one then that'd make things easier :)

Ok. Me. I'm 22, currently studying at RMIT (CS/Eng) and can't wait to finish. I work at a military defence company writing radar software (it sounds more technical than it really is).

I play gridiron/american football, basketball and golf. I like watching the same, though not golf... damn thats boring! Oh, and I like snowboarding in the winter.

I have a strange addiction to cartoons. I love cartoons. Family guy, Southpark, Simpsons, Futurama and Daria are my favorite series, and I have every episode of each.

I'm also big into movies. I am really easy to please with movies, which my friends hate. They ask my opinion on a movie and because I like almost everything they can never get an opinion they can make any decisions on :). So if I dont like a movie, it's generally _really_ _really_ bad!

I like hanging out with friends, i'd much rather be with other people than hanging out alone. As for going out, I'm not big on nightclubs, I prefer pool halls and lounges. You know, where you can actually hear the person you're talking to? :)